MY HISTORY & some wacky pictures

This 1973 Cutlass started out as a Spectator car at Santa Fe Speedway in 1989........
JON - '75 Olds 98 - DuPage County, IL
1998 - 1st place
JON - '74 Impala - DuPage County, IL
2001 - 1st place
JON - '74 Impala - DuPage County, IL

2003 - 2nd place

This car was ran three times:  2001 - 1st place, 2002 - 1st place and this final run in 2003.
JON - '76 Cadillac - Metal Mayhem
Oregon, IL   2007
Didn't qualify for feature.  Upper control arms broke and drive shaft snapped.
JON - '75 Cadillac - Metal Mayhem
Oregon, IL
2006 - 7th place in overflow heat
JON - '79 Chevy 1/2 ton, ran dryblock.
Wellington, KS Truck Derby
2008 - 1st place

In 1982, Jon built a 1975 AMC Sportabout Wagon for Spectator Racing at Santa Fe Speedway in Illinois.  With no other means of getting it there, he drove the car to the track.  It was destroyed within 4 laps in a 10 lap race, which left him walking home!  This was the beginning of his 13 years of stock car racing at Santa Fe Speedway.
This Plymouth Fury III was a one-owner car until it became a car build for Spectator Racing at Santa Fe Speedway in 1986!  After spinning six cars out on the track in one race, Jon came close to being black flagged.  The motor blew in the enduro race at the track.  This car was chain towed to the track weekly by a friends 1972 Electra!  
This 1976 Cutlass was also a one-owner car that Jon built for Spectator Racing at Santa Fe Speedway.  He ran the car for two years. 
2nd place Street Stock at Santa Fe Speedway. AMC Matador in 1985.
........and became a 1990 Figure-8
2nd placer in season points. This was Jon's first year for Figure-8's.
Jon's first derby was in 1989, where he built a dryblock 1975 Olds Delta 88.  He finished with second place out of 36 cars.  After the second place finish, he realized that derbying gave him a bigger thrill than stock car racing so he became more focused on derbying.  He continued to run his well seasoned dryblock motors from 1989 to 1998 successfully, then switched to Chevrolet small blocks.  He ran local shows for many years, mainly DuPage County, IL where he would take 2 cars - a preran for the afternoon show and a fresh car for the evening show.
Santa Fe Speedway closed for good in 1995 and derbying became Jon's life.  His dedication was proven by the well over 300 hours he would spend on a single car and far more money than was ever received from winning a show.  Jon prides himself as being innovative.  He has ran them all - Buick, Pontiac, Chevy, Caddy, Olds and even Mopars - big or small engines.  He believes it is all in the details, and "it's right or we stay home.  'Good enough' isn't".
JON - '73 Olds Custom Cruiser - DuPage County, IL
1994 - 1st place
    This car was given to him by "The Crusher" 
    where he worked (hence the nickname that he
    soon developed) 
The Lisle SUN, August 4, 1994
JON - '73 Pontiac Catalina - DuPage County, IL
1995 - 1st place, evening show.
    The 80's Crown Vic wagon he ran in the          afternoon show had problems in the feature     and he didn't place.
Daily Herald, July 26, 1996 
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JON - '74 Impala - DuPage County, IL
2002 - 1st place, afternoon show
JON - '73 Olds 98 - Kane County, IL
1998 - 2nd place
JON - '76 Buick LeSabre - Kane County, IL      1999 - 2nd place for second year in a row to Wess Whittaker
JON - '75 Impala - DuPage County, IL

1999 - 1st place, evening show
JON - '76 Impala wagon - DuPage County, IL

2002 - 1st place, evening show

This car has been run every year since 2002, which sets a record at DuPage County.  The car was sold to a friend and to this day is still tearing things up in Illinois!  WAY TO GO ERIC!
Every car, Jon would "experiment" with something and he was always looking for better ways to make things work.  Unfortunately, this '70 Olds 98 was an example of an experiment gone bad!  'Never again' is all he has to say about this car!  

Jerseyville, IL 

JON - '76 Buick Estate Wagon - Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS
2010 - 3rd place